Youth Educators Conference

Web img Y Ed 20182018 Youth Educators Conference – September 21-23

Heart-Centered Youth Education

“Finding Christ in Each Moment”

The SW Region Youth Educators Conference is an opportunity to connect with others who share your passion and love for Unity Youth Ministry! We will be sharing and supporting each other as we explore what it means to teach our Unity Youth. We will be led in a workshop to gain greater understanding of how to teach meditation, we will practice tools for communication and staying heart-centered so that we can truly see Christ in each person and experience.

Our musical guest is the one and only, Mark Stanton Welch!  Mark brings an incredible level of spiritual understanding and wonderful music to every retreat! Be there for the fun as well as the spiritual growth.

Our speaker will be Tony LaMantia.  Tony will be guiding us in how to teach meditation in our Sunday classes. He will guide us in understanding how our brains develop and how to best share meditation with our youth.

Web img Y Ed 2018b

Download the 2018 Youth Educators Flyer here

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