Adults Working With Youth

Whether you are just beginning or have served for many years as a Youth and Family Ministry Director, this page provides information about key areas of training, staffing and support for youth ministry programs.

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Within your own church:

Unity Youth Ministry Fast-Start Training Program, is a CD produced by Unity Worldwide Ministries, and is designed for use with all youth ministry volunteers and directors. It includes five units covering volunteer opportunities, praying with young people, preparing lessons, Unity basics, classroom and behavior strategies and more. A wonderful tool to use in your own church at your own convenience.

Background Checks

The Southwest Unity Region and the Unity Worldwide Ministries strongly recommend that all adults working with minors at your church have a background check completed.

Effective January 1, 2009 all adults who will be attending Regional and/or Sub-Regional Events where minors are present are required to obtain a National Background Screening. A copy of the results of the Background screen must be provided to the Youth Consultant prior to the adult attending the event. Background screens must be updated every three years to attend Region events.

Adult Agreements 2017-2018

Liability and Photography Release 2017-2018

Medical Release Form 2017-2018-1

Background Check Policy and Procedures REV 2018

Background Check Permission and ID (REV 2018)


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