YOU Leadership Training

SLT imageWhen: July 27-29, 2018

Where: Chapel Rock Camp, Prescott, AZ

Who is this for:  If you are entering 9th grade or if you graduated this year, you are invited to explore spiritual leadership.

Discover who you are as a leader. Find out what is holding you back from fully expressing your truth. Gain confidence through spiritual practices and connection.

Cost: $190.00

Registration Due: July 10th, 2018

Payment Due: July 17

Contact your Youth Director for details and to register.

For questions you can contact: Angie Keyes, 949-584-3667;

Click on the links below to download the paperwork you need!

Spiritual Leadership Training Flyer

2018 SLT Checklist and Group Summary for Youth Directors

2018 SLT Checklist for Parents and Sponsors

Adult Agreements 2017-2018

Challenge Course Permission Form

scholarship application

YOU agreements 2017-2018-3


Y.O.U. Service Rally 2015 – The Ripple Effect


Choose which location you would like to be of service, while enjoying friendships with fellow Y.O.U.’ers from your sub-region:
Unity of Prescott —or— Unity San Diego
Initial Registration due Feb. 18th
Online Registration & Payment due Feb. 25th
Cost is $40 (scholarship available)
CA: Send registration to Angie Keyes
AZ: Send registration to Stacy Macris Ros
Payment for both are sent to Stacy. Mailing and contact information for Angie & Stacy are included in the Youth Director information packet. (See link below.)

Come join us as we look at how our actions have an impact on others and our environment. How do our acts of service affect others now & in the future? How do I plant my dreams and desires and watch them grow, benefiting myself & my community? Get ready to work hard during the day, enjoy a time of fellowship at night, and be spiritually nourished by the weekend’s experiences.
(If you do not have a desire or the energy to do physical work, this may not be the event for you.)

We will be staying at the church overnight. Check-in is 9:45—10:15 am Saturday; Closing is at 10:30 am on Sunday.

Click on the orange links below for all the official information!

Service Rally 2015 Flyer

Registration info for YD -CA 2015

Registration info for YD -AZ 2015

Registration CA Service 2015

Registration AZ Service 2015

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