What is a Uniteen?
Uniteens are middle school age truth students in grades 6-8 who come together in their home churches and at Regional Spiritual Retreats to learn and practice Unity Principles and share fellowship in a safe, spiritually based environment. Adult Uniteen Leaders guide and support Uniteens in their Spiritual Growth.

What is a Regional Uniteen Retreat?
A Regional Uniteen Retreat is an overnight or weekend Spiritual event specifically geared for Unity middle school teens, planned and facilitated by Regional Staff and/or Uniteen Leaders, at a Camp or host Church located within the Southwest Region. Uniteen Retreats may be a one-day overnight or a full weekend. A week long summer camp is offered each year for eligible Uniteens.

Uniteen Retreats allow young teens to meet and gather with other teens from other Unity churches around the region to learn and practice Unity truth principles. Retreats commonly include large and small group activities, prayer, meditation, music, drumming, team building games, free time sports, singing, talent show, food, fun and more.

Who may attend a Uniteen Retreat?
To attend a Uniteen Retreat, teens must be in grades 6, 7 or 8th grade. Uniteens should also be active in their Church Uniteen Group.

Ministers, Uniteen Leaders, parents and chaperones are invited to attend. All adults attending a Regional Uniteen Retreat must have an updated copy of a National Background Screening obtained within the last 3 years.


Facebook pages for SW Teen programs:

SW Uniteens (for current Uniteens & supporters)


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