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Happy Thanksgiving from SW Region Youth Ministry!

During this time of thanksgiving, I want to let you know that I am so grateful to all of you! Your support of our youth and our youth ministry programs fills me with love and appreciation. I feel blessed to work with the Southwest Region youth, youth ministry volunteers, youth directors, ministers and parents. It is a joy and privilege to serve you and our children and teens.

There will be some changes in the youth ministry program this coming year:

First, our beloved Jacquie Hardesty will be releasing the role in running background checks for our youth ministry volunteers. She has been in selfless service to our youth directors and our region for years. I am grateful to her for so many reasons.  I will be taking over running background checks as of the first of the year. The forms and instructions are available on the youth ministry website, under “Adults Working With Youth”.

Another change for this year is we will be looking for a couple of churches to host and facilitate our Service Rally. This is a wonderful opportunity for our youth ministry leaders to take on a larger role in supporting the teens and have the wonderful experience of seeing an event come together. Trust me, it is a great feeling!  Please contact me if you would like more information about facilitating our YOU Service Rally.

Once again, it is a blessing to serve each of you. Please feel free to contact me with any of your questions or youth ministry needs. Have a wonderful holiday!

Angie Keyes 

SW Region Youth Ministry Consultant


Youth Educators Conference

Web img Y Ed 20182018 Youth Educators Conference – September 21-23

Heart-Centered Youth Education

“Finding Christ in Each Moment”

The SW Region Youth Educators Conference is an opportunity to connect with others who share your passion and love for Unity Youth Ministry! We will be sharing and supporting each other as we explore what it means to teach our Unity Youth. We will be led in a workshop to gain greater understanding of how to teach meditation, we will practice tools for communication and staying heart-centered so that we can truly see Christ in each person and experience.

Our musical guest is the one and only, Mark Stanton Welch!  Mark brings an incredible level of spiritual understanding and wonderful music to every retreat! Be there for the fun as well as the spiritual growth.

Our speaker will be Tony LaMantia.  Tony will be guiding us in how to teach meditation in our Sunday classes. He will guide us in understanding how our brains develop and how to best share meditation with our youth.

Web img Y Ed 2018b

Download the 2018 Youth Educators Flyer here

YOU Leadership Training

SLT imageWhen: July 27-29, 2018

Where: Chapel Rock Camp, Prescott, AZ

Who is this for:  If you are entering 9th grade or if you graduated this year, you are invited to explore spiritual leadership.

Discover who you are as a leader. Find out what is holding you back from fully expressing your truth. Gain confidence through spiritual practices and connection.

Cost: $190.00

Registration Due: July 10th, 2018

Payment Due: July 17

Contact your Youth Director for details and to register.

For questions you can contact: Angie Keyes, 949-584-3667;

Click on the links below to download the paperwork you need!

Spiritual Leadership Training Flyer

2018 SLT Checklist and Group Summary for Youth Directors

2018 SLT Checklist for Parents and Sponsors

Adult Agreements 2017-2018

Challenge Course Permission Form

scholarship application

YOU agreements 2017-2018-3


Catch the Current – Y.O.U. Official Rally

Catch the Current


2700 E. SOUTHERN AVE. • MESA, AZ 85204

Paper Registration Due : APRIL 3
Online Registration and Payment Due : APRIL 17
Registration: 2:00 – 2:30 pm,  Pick Up: 1:00 pm

Regional Officer Elections & Installation
Spiritual Growth
with musical guest

led by your Regional Officers: Makayla Perkins, Gina Trank, Adalynn Colton
Supported by Angie Keyes & Mike Sobek

For questions or inquiries about a regional officer position, contact Regional Consultant Angie Keyes at

Event Cost: $190 (partial scholarships available)

Forms and information can be found by following the links below:

Catch the Current Flyer

2018 Official Rally Checklist for Parents and Sponsors

2018 Official Rally Checklist for Youth Directors_Minister_-1

Adult Agreements 2017-2018

Liability and Photography Release 2017-2018

Medical Release Form 2017-2018

Scholarship Application

YOU agreements 2017-2018-3